Need a hand with your studies?

The moov app – a tool to accompany students throughout the entire duration of their studies, to manage their process and academic achievements as well as connecting with other students in extracurricular time.


The main problem is the fact that the university’s platform only counts with basic functions: showing classes, grades and credit points. Usually the student relies upon a variety of platforms (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Email, Instagram and Online Campus itself) to communicate with their professors and to find out what is happening in their classes or on campus.


The concept for this project is to develop a new platform, that will work as the main communication channel between the university staff, teachers, professors and students. With this tool students can have an easier overview and management of their study program to successfully achieve their professional goals before graduating and at the same time to connect and be part of the university community. To achieve this the platform will solely work as a mobile app for the launch, with the possibility to develop a desktop version in the future with upgrades. The app will have its own personality and branding to reach students with a new concept through a marketing strategy; the goal is to not only have registered students on the app but to encourage engagement and participation in all the areas: academic and social; building a community of future professionals and friends.

Try out the prototype here


The brand identity is present throughout the different media, print and digital – as a campaign to launch the product on the university campus and to make a new statement with the product’s values.