University engagement through a digital app:

This part of the project shows the process of creating a new concept – and how to develop it based on the research previously described. Afterwards these goals are translated into a visual design and finally the prototype of the app.


Concept & Goals

The concept for this project is to develop a new platform, that will work as the main communication channel between the university staff, teachers, professors and students. With this tool students can have an easier overview and management of their study program to successfully achieve their professional goals before graduating and at the same time to connect and be part of the university community. To achieve this, the platform will solely work as a mobile app for the launch, with the possibility to develop a desktop version with upgrades in the future. The app will have its own personality and branding to reach students with a new concept through a marketing strategy; the goal is to not only have registered students on the app but to encourage engagement and participation in all the areas: academic and social; building a community of future professionals and friends. Therefore, the main goals of this new app called Moov are:

  • Reduce previously detected usability issues on the interface.
  • Add new features to increase the usability and functionality of the platform in relation to the user’s needs.
  • Create a positive relationship with users over time.
  • Create a community at university powered by the Moov interface.


Higher engagement

  • Personalization

With customized experience and content

  • Emotional Experience

Providing friendly language and human functions

  • Creating Habits

Becoming a part of the daily life of the user by updating new content and notifying them

  • Sensitive interface

Reach out only for important matters, without annoying the user

  • Aesthetics

Design a platform that provides the user an aesthetic and visual experience with visuals, colors and typography carefully selected and designed.


Design Process

To tackle the main problems of the current Online Campus platform I first planned the Information Architecture of the new interface; later on, I extracted two Personas from the research that are possible student situations using the university platform.


Sophie Müller

Sophie studies Communication Design and is in the 6th semester. She already finished her internship and she needs to get ready for the Bachelor semester; which means her semester’s milestones are: to participate in the internship colloquium, deliver important documents like bachelor’s proposal, internship report and certificate. She also needs to return a book to the library before getting an overdue fine and she’s currently looking for students to participate in her survey.


Philip Neuer

Philip just started university so he is in the 1st semester of his studies. Therefore, he has many integration and information events to participate and meet other new students like him. He also needs to take the mandatory basic classes and one project-week workshop as well as German classes on Tuesdays at 7pm he signed up for. Since Philip is new in Berlin, he is still looking for an apartment or room to share.


App Design

Once the Information Architecture was planned and the user personas defined, I moved on to designing low-fidelity wireframes on paper for the development of the app. This helped me go through all the main functions the app needed to have and to get an overview of how to design all different screens.